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Inspiration Rebreather Diver

From ‘Ambient Pressure’

Closed Circuit Rebreathers

The lean mean diving machines
– it’s time for a change!

Closed Circuit Rebreather
Diver Course

Closed circuit rebreather diving using INSPIRATION or EVOLUTION closed circuit rebreathers allows the diver to a depth of 40 metres using air as a diluent. £500

New rebreather diver ‘ready for action’
(Cadgwith 1/1/2005 – vis over 8m!)

ADVANTAGES OF CLOSED CIRCUIT REBREATHERSExtended duration diving with greatly reduced gas consumption.

Warmer, quieter diving with easier breathing & no bubbles.

Greatly reduced decompression times and increased No-Stop times.

Breathing ‘Ideal’ nitrox mix at all times.

For Tek divers they can be used with Trimix (much less of it than open cicuit! – saving £s in Helium & Oxygen)